5 Must Do’s In Your Personal Statement

What to write in Personal Statement for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application?

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Your Personal Statement for Global Talent Visa is waiting for you to start. Finally, you have decided that this is the right time. It worth trying and now you are preparing your application for UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa to the Tech Nation (or, more correct – Home Office) to get your Endorsement in Digital Technology.

I think you have already known about Tech Nation Visa Guidelines, regularly updated by this Designated Competent Body, so you need strictly follow them.

However, there are still a lot of assumptions and different questions regarding all of the parts of the application, even with so detailed guidelines about the talent visas.

Hence, today, I decided again to write my five extra thoughts on personal statement. By the way, I have written about the Personal Statement in details before. I even made a brief instruction on how to write the Personal Statement for Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa. By the way, you can find examples of Personal Statements in my Talent Visa app. However, there are still plenty of topics to cover.

1. Write more about your future, not your past

Please, do not write your CV in plain text as your personal statement for Global Talent Visa. The experts from the endorsement panel at Tech Nation do not need a repeat of your professional biography.

I am speaking again about the Exceptional Talent Visa Guide I want to point your attention only to one. It has 12 clear questions you must answer. Dot.

Previously we had just five questions. However, these new 12 aspects are pretty much the same with the previous five – just asking about more details.

Here are all five main parts of Personal Statement you need to write about:

  • Why do you want to come to the UK?
  • What will your occupation be in the UK?
  • Which region or city of the UK are you planning to live in?
  • How will the UK digital technology sector benefit from your work?
  • What are your long-term plans in the UK?

As you see, almost all of these critical questions here have the word “will”. Hence, you need to speak more about your future goals, not about your past achievements even if they are huge.

2. Follow the correct ratio in the Personal Statement for Global Talent Visa

Having a roadmap of the five main questions you need to write approximately the same amount of text, answering all of them.

In my case, I even have done a new paragraph clarifying every issue of discussion. I wrote about a reason for coming, what I will do in the UK, choice of the city, what value I will add to the UK digital technology sector. Finally, I wrote a paragraph about long-term plans.

In a proportion of writing about the past : future in my statement I had something like 1:4.

3. Your achievements as a basis for your future wins for Global Talent Visa

You can write about past accomplishments about your next goals. It will not be assessed as your whole Personal Statement is about your past. At the same time, you will demonstrate your step-after-step approach to a professional career.

For example, after four successful case studies of the application of my solution for testing crop fertilisers in Ukraine and the US (reference letters are attached), I see the potential benefits of entering into the agritech market of the United Kingdom.

4. Less glossy – sweety – fluffy adjectives, please

There is no need to repeat that the United Kingdom is one of the most exciting and attractive countries. And you may not write that the digital field in the UK is fantastic. Also, you allow missing the sentence where you write about golden opportunities and an enormous number of potential users in the market.

Be precise in your statement – more facts, less empty words.
For example, the UK is an exciting and attractive country for my startup in precision agriculture because, in 2013, the UK Governmental Agri-Tech Strategy declared a new stage of development for agriculture. My project will support it.

5. Bring your value to the industry and the United Kingdom

To cut my word count, I will show you just an example.
I had an interest in agriculture technologies, hence, almost all of my statement paragraphs – about the city to live, future business plans, my potential influence on the industry – I have built based on this precise point.

Please, pay your attention that Talent Visa Help is not updated anymore. Starting from January 5, 2021, I don't proofread drafts of Personal Statements, Letters of Recommendation or any supporting documents. Also, I do not answer individual questions either via email or Linkedin. For more details, go to the Global Talent Visa Help Updates.

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Author: Andrii Seleznov

TalentVisaHelp is an independent project to help more talents and promises to come to the United Kingdom. This project is created by Andrii Seleznov, Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa recipient and Tech Nation Visa Ambassador in past. Andrii is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer and technical founder at Petiole. Additionally, Andrii is an Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition and winner of local agritech Hackathons in Ukraine.

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  1. Hi Andrii,

    Thanks for such extensive information and time you spent writing helpful articles.

    Would you please kindly answer few my questions I have emailed to you.



    1. Hi Melis, thanks for contacting me. I have got your questions regarding Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application and will do my best to answer within next couple of days.
      In touch!

      Andrii Seleznov

  2. Thanks for this blog. It does have amazing information.

    Would you recommend to start with past or the future for personal statement?


    1. Hi Gokhan, thanks for your question. Personally I recommend to start with a past as a basis for the future. I have done this and wrote about my achievements and then wrote how these milestones are important for my life and work in the UK. However, I need to focus your attention to the ratio: you should not write too much about your past. Even not a half of your personal statement. The best way is even to write a sentence or two about past and then exactly in the same paragraph write about UK perspective of this past experience.

  3. Dear Andril,

    Thank you for publishing such a useful blog. I am impressed from your deep clarification for the drafting of Personal Statement letter for Tier-1 Exceptional Talent Visa application.

    I am working in SAP domain and serving with profile of SAP Basis Professional. I want to enter into UK’s market to expand my future journey of Professional Consultancy with the help of having Best possible Personal Statement letter to get endorsed.

    I don’t have too much vocabulary to write something attractive , but it will be great help if you give me the sample statements relevant to IT Professionals of those 5 important questions to cover in Personal Statement.

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