5 Powerful Ideas for Personal Statement

Writing a draft: 5 ideas for Personal Statement

For the last three years I regularly proofread drafts of Personal Statements and other documents, required to get Endorsement for Global Talent Visa. Sure, each applicant has own professional history. However, I found that there are at least five typical things, which can be improved. In other words, most of the people either don’t write about this or they write too much about something. I decided to get you these ideas for Personal Statement. I believe that you CAN draft this piece of Tech Nation Visa application by yourself.

As a result, today I want to give you a clue and a couple of ideas, which may help you to write your Personal Statement.

Before You Make the First Draft

I understand that some of the applicants have quite basic understanding of Personal Statement. Also, they don’t have time to read all the guidelines. Both official supportive documents – Tech Nation Visa Guideline and Home Office Guidance, tell a little bit about this important part of Global Talent Visa application.

However, these documents are quite formal. Hence, the language is not always clear for people, who are non-English native speakers. Additionally, that means uncertainty about some personal aspects of your case and your professional experience.

This is the reason why I decide to start with the most important aspects of your Personal Statement. Then you will dive in depth of the drafting process and understand the logic of your personal statement.

Before we will start with the content of the Personal Statement, we must clearly speak about the formal requirements. This is important because if you will have text larger than allowed maximum, then you simply can’t put it into the visa application.

Format of Personal Statement for Tech Nation Visa

Below I put a couple of ideas for Personal Statement regarding length, hypertext, bullet points, graphic objects and quotes. Please, follow these requirements:


Your text must be not longer than 1,000 words (or not more than 7,000 characters). Probably, you’ve already known how to count the words and characters. If not – simply open your document in your favourite word processing application.
For example, for me it is Google Docs. Hence, if you go to Tools on top menu, the first option is “Word Count”. Choose this option and you will see full information about this aspect. Moreover, you can activate the feature “Display Word Count While Typing”.


This option is not available. You can’t make text bold, italic or add a link. And it looks slightly odd if you put a hyperlink starting with http:// or www. Personal Statement is definitely not a document, where to put this type of information. Think to put it in supporting documents.

Bullet points

Bullet Points are not the best idea as well. However, in some exceptional cases it can be reasonable to put them there. In dozens of Personal Statements, which I saw, I can confirm that only one guy used them appropriately. And he was endorsed, by the way.

Graphic materials

Tables, graphics and images – this type of information is not allowed in your Personal Statement at all. Simply, you cannot put it into the visa application form.


Some of the applicants make a quote at the beginning of their personal Statement. Traditionally this is motivational quote. And it may be philosophical as well. For example, famous phrase of Socrate or Winston Churchill. In very rare cases it may be advantageous. In most cases it looks weird. Moreover, you don’t have formatting options in the visa application. This means no right side alignment. You need to put a quote as a plain text and it goes exactly before your main text. If you will link it to the whole text, it may not sound so unclear but in most cases the applicants put a quote and than start: “I, Jane Doe, an applicant for Global Talent Visa…”

This is how the word count looks like in Google Play. To draft a Personal Statement, you must write up to 1,000 words with not more than 7,000 characters. This is one of the core ideas for Personal Statement
This is how the word count looks like in Google Play. To draft a Personal Statement, you must write up to 1,000 words with not more than 7,000 characters

I hope these five crucial aspects about the draft of Global Talent Visa make sense and now you understand that the best thing you can do is simple. Just write text with minimal level of formatted parts. However, the form and shape is just a half of the story. Because the simple text must discover your bright nature as an expert in Digital Technology.

Content of Personal Statement

Basically, I have already explained some key points of Personal Statement. For example, here and here you can get understanding of what to do and where to start.

At the same time, since I regularly get the same questions about drafts, I decided to write about the key aspects, which must be included into any Personal Statement. However, please, pay attention. If you don’t apply for Tech Nation Visa but for Global Talent Visa in any other fields, then my thoughts may be irrelevant for you.

I must say that I regularly got requests to proofread the drafts of Personal Statement for Global Talent Visa in Engineering and in Science. However, I understood that I’m truly limited to suggest any improvements in content of the document.

Personal Statement for Global Talent Visa is a part of your application, explaining your motivation and reasons to apply for this visa. It also declares your offer to the United Kingdom, as an expert in Digital Technology.

As a result, both of these parts – motivation (or reasons) and offer must be placed in your text.

Motivation and reasons in your Personal Statement

This part takes up to 50% of your Personal Statement. In ideal, you can start with this point. But I rarely have seen the well-structured draft of Personal Statement with motivation and reasons at the end of the document. Practically never.

Hence, your task is to tell briefly about your achievements as expert and make a bridge between your achievements and your decision to apply for Global Talent Visa. You must explain to the Endorsement Panel, what specific reasons have pushed you towards Tech Nation Visa?

Additionally, I must say that motivation and reasons should be naturally embedded either in each paragraph or be collected in a separate paragraph.

Finally, I also must say that there is no winning strategy, when you writing about your motivation and reasons to apply for Global Talent Visa.

Recently I had a quick look at the draft of Personal Statement where the first paragraph was a declaration about the main reason why a person applies for Tech Nation Visa.

It was quite unusual but this strong declaration was truly powerful. However, her whole case is bright, that’s why she got her Endorsement. But I mean that you can experiment with your drafts. Do one draft with classic structure and the second one – with alternative ideas.

In my own case, I had four drafts of Personal Statement. Finally, I’ve applied the fourth version and won :). By the way, here I placed my Personal Statement (with basic personal data protection).

Offer in your Personal Statement

This part is equally important for your Tech Nation Visa application. And this part means that you are writing about benefits, which the UK will gain, when you’ll get your visa.

Offer in Personal Statement includes wide aspects. And it doesn’t mean that it is clearly separated from the motivational and reasoning part. It is quite difficult to explain in theory. So I will make you an example and, hopefully, it will help.

For example, in my own personal statement I wrote about my educational background in GIS (Geographic Information System). It was still in reasoning part, almost at the beginning of the text. But it was related to my future job in the UK, which was related to delivery of products. As a result, I linked indirectly my education and practical application in the UK.


5 Ideas for Personal Statement

Below you can see the thoughts, which I consider the most relevant to include or not to include to the Personal Statement. These ideas are based on what I’ve seen in an average application for Global Talent Visa.

This content is only for Global Talent Visa applicants with Extra Talent Visa Help or All Inclusive membership

1. Writing tons of abbreviations isn’t a good idea

This aspect is relevant for both routes: technology and business. When I see about OTT, CTR, WOM, LTV:CAC and NPS – something inside me is crying. Yes, I know this abbreviations but if I meet something new, I feel as a fool. Hence, if you cannot avoid to use abbreviation, firstly use the full word combination. Then you need to put the abbreviation.

2. Don’t list your skills and responsibilities at past as well as present jobs

Recently I’ve seen a draft, where skills took three lines and included around 15 names of technologies and frameworks. This was a mistake because you have your CV to include this information.

The same situation we have with responsibilities. Listing of your employment obligations doesn’t make any sense. Unless you will give an example of impactful product you worked on. Hence, it must be logically easy to understand which responsibility led to specific result. But if you didn’t achieve anything huge on specific job – it is a good idea not to mention this experience at all.

3. Paying taxes isn’t something extraordinary

Please, don’t write that you will pay taxes and will be a responsible resident in the UK. This is a pure nonsence and won’t add you any points. Below you can see the reasoning for this thought.

As you can see, paying taxes is an obligation for any resident in the UK. Hence, to highlight it in your Global Talent Visa application is a quite weak point.

4. Use numbers

You cannot confirm value of the product, which you have developed, without numbers. Dot. Nothing to add.

Ideas for Personal Statement: include numbers, please

5. Don’t use superlative adjectives

The best most relevant and humblest idea is to use less words with the highest level of anything. You are not the best expert in your area (unless someone else directly says about this). Your product is not super effective because the efficiency coefficient is not 100%. And you cannot achieve the highest level of growth for specific niche because sky is the limit in 99,9% of businesses.

This is one more extract from my email feedback on someone's draft with ideas for Personal Statement
This is one more extract from my email feedback on someone’s draft of Personal Statement

I understand that all of this ideas cannot be implemented directly in your first draft of Personal Statement. But this is my encouragement and ask: please, don’t do just one version. Write more and then you may achieve the balance of content, including these 5 ideas for Personal Statement.


Yes, I know how it is painful. And I remember nights, when I was not sleeping but drafting my Personal Statement. I found that at night my productivity of writing is better. Hence, in the morning I had a chance to re-read my creative text with a fresh look. Because in 2016, when I applied, I didn’t have any person to help me and share knowledge.

If you need to proofread your draft – you can write to me. People who have already sent their docs to me know that it takes 3 – 5 days before I answer. But you can be sure that I will be honest with you and won’t write only sweet words that you are genius and your draft of Personal Statement is a masterpiece. In 98% it is not.

Also, you can write me your questions about Global Talent Visa. Again, I don’t reply straightforward but you will get your answer. Please, write to my email since LinkedIn is not a great convenience for me.

If you are still here – thanks for reading and I wish you good luck with drafting and your Global Talent Visa application. It’s a great chance for yourself to test your abilities and luck.

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