Tech Nation Visa Alumni

There is PayPal Mafia. Why the recipients of Global Talent Visa do not have own club of successful entrepreneurs? Hence, indeed we have our Tech Nation Visa Alumni Club.

Moreover, we open our doors for all current recipients of Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies (Tech Nation Visa).

Year of the receiving does not matter at all.

Activities of Tech Nation Visa Alumni

This Tech Nation Visa Alumni meet regularly. Also, we participate in other interesting events.

Also, we have our Slack channel, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

However, unfortunately, public cannot access these resources freely.

Finally, we have regular breakfasts to discuss interesting topics in technologies and share the experience of work and living in the UK – a country that is very nice but is not our native.

Tech Nation Visa Alumni in action. May 2019
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Community at Regent’s Park in London. May 2019

One more priceless aspect of the membership is ability to participate in the UK key tech events.

We regularly get the early-bird tickets for annual Tech Nation UK events. For example, announces of Future Fifty, Upscale, Tech Nation Talks, etc. Also, we get discounts for other well-supported technological events in the United Kingdom.

How to become a member?

Do you have an Endorsement? Are you a successful applicant of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa and want to join the Tech Nation Visa Alumni?  Actually, shortly you will have an email with all the available options. Hence, you will be enrolled in the Tech Nation Visa Network automatically and with a minimum of efforts, you can join Slack and Facebook groups.

If you still struggle to become a part of our Global Talent Visa community, then you are welcome to write to me and I will do my best to make you a part of our community. We want more exceptionally talented people within our networks.

All of our members have different skills and expertise so it is completely great to be in touch with so many unordinary people who moves UK and world tech further.