How to Draft Letter of Recommendation?

Draft Letter of Recommendation. Ask a referee to sign it. Get your Recommendation and apply for Endorsement in Global Talent Visa route.

Draft Letter of Recommendation. Send it to your referee. Get your Recommendation Letter for Global Talent Visa to apply for Endorsement. This is a brief instruction how to move forward your dream to work and live in the UK. Hence, today I will explain in details how to draft a letter of recommendation and make all three required recommendation letters relevant but not too sweet.

The Right Person and The Right Draft Letter of Recommendation

I don’t want to return back to basics and explain how to find the whole process how to get a Letter of Recommendation. And I’ll not repeat where you can find the right person to give you a recommendation letter (as well as how to choose only three referee among your candidates).

What I want to demonstrate you is the reality. If you think that each referee makes draft of Letter of Recommendation, this is not true. People of C-suite management of global companies are always busy. Obviously, they don’t have time to make a research about you and your expertise.

For example, CEO of a digital company doesn’t know the specifics of Global Talent Visa. And (s)he has general understanding of the role of recommendation letters. And (s)he, probably, doesn’t have his/her own CV ready to attach for your Letter of Recommendation.

As a result, you have plenty of work to do, my dear friend.

This is why I want to make your life a little bit easy and explain how to make an (almost) perfect draft of Letter of Recommendation to share with your referee.

Why Do You Need to Draft Letter of Recommendation?

To explain the importance of draft I will make just one example. It’s related to one of the recommendation letters in my own Exceptional Talent Visa application.

When I clarified a list of people, who potentially can give me a letter of recommendation, I decided to make a basic draft of this letter. I created individual draft of recommendation letter for each person. Then I attached this draft to the emails to my referees.

Here I must say that one of my referees was a smart lady with prominent background in business and international recognition in her field. She got my draft and… made her own letter of recommendation! But she used my text as a sample. In other words, a real letter of recommendation was based on my own writing. This means that your draft simplifies task for a referee.

That’s why I invite each applicant to spend extra hours before contacting the referee and draft recommendation letter by yourself.

By the way, I put this Letter of Recommendation among the Samples of Documents, available in my blog.

What Benefits Can You Get with Draft Letter of Recommendation?

In my opinion, you can have at least these four bonuses. Obviously, you may have more positive outcomes, but definitely, the four aspects of draft letter of recommendation are:

  1. You demonstrate care about the referee. Yes, this means that your draft letter of recommendation saves time and efforts!
  2. Your key facts will be correct. It must be remembered that your referee is traditionally a very busy person. In view of this, I don’t want to say that he or she doesn’t pay attention to details. But something may go wrong and the fact, which you want to show off will not be in the recommendation letter… As a result, think ahead and make draft letter of recommendation.
  3. You will make the draft with the right size, format and content. Sure, this is related to benefit no.1 above. But, let’s say, your referee will write a document in four pages. Then it will not be accepted as your letter of recommendation.
  4. If your referee cannot give you a recommendation letter on headed paper, then you can make the suggestion of the future look of the document! For example, you can put a logo of the company and its address in the draft, as it required by Tech Nation. Your referee either confirm this approach or suggest own solution.

As you can see, a draft letter of recommendation makes life easier for both of you – your referee and yourself. That’s why your main task is to make the right draft and send it to your trusted person.

What to Write in a Draft Letter of Recommendation?

In order to make the most comprehensive (but not too long) draft, you must remember these five things:

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How Does a Good Draft Letter of Recommendation Look Like?

As you can see, there are quite a few must-have, which you need to keep in your mind when creating your version of draft for recommendation letter. If you implement them to practise you will have something like this:

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I think that having this brief plan you must feel pretty confident. With attention to your personal expertise, it is easy to suggest what sentences will be a good fit. However, sometimes it is better to explain each paragraph in more details to avoid mistakes. And also – to point out which parts are vital for draft letter of recommendation. Below I will write additional description to all 11 parts of the mentioned plan.

1. Address

Here you can get additional information which address to use. But as I can confirm, your address must be smart and official. You can use “Dear Sir/Madam” or any other relevant title.

By the way, you are not obliged to use any address at all and start directly with the text of your draft. However, to sound more friendly but professionally, it is recommended to have the address of the designed body – Tech Nation.

This content is only for Global Talent Visa applicants with Extra Talent Visa Help or All Inclusive membership

11. CV or Resume

All the basics of this important part is here. Some of the aspects, for example, the question of length, I mentioned in this post. In general, you can prepare a CV or Resume of the referee using information from the different sources. The most important thing to write are:

  • key facts about education;
  • milestones in professional life;
  • achievements and awards.

The overall length of the CV for your referee should not be longer than three A4 pages. But even smaller number of pages is fine. For example, the resume for one of my referee was on half of a page. However, the referee was too prominent, with Ph.D and other industrial achievements.

Finally, if you need more information about Global Talent Visa, then, please, check my Medium and enjoy 12 mins of reading :). Additionally, you can post a comment below and I will answer shortly.

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