Electronic Signature on Letter of Recommendation

Electronic signature Letter of Recommendation is allowed. Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema

There is a direct requirement that Letter of Recommendation must be signed. But what to do if your referee cannot sign it physically?

Electronic Signature on Letter of Recommendation is Allowed

In the Tech Nation Visa guide, there is a clear message that a Letter of Recommendation has to have a signature of the referee. At the same time, there is no detail about the electronic signature.

It is difficult to get any official comments on this point. Still, applicants struggle. And have millions of thoughts what to do when a referee cannot sign the Letter of Recommendation.

Cases When You May Have Electronic Signature

There are different circumstances why a referee cannot sign a Letter of Recommendation.

The most popular reason is a lack of printer and scanner. In our digital world, sometimes it is impossible to print out the file. Particularly, if a person is busy with business tasks.

There is another situation when electronic signature on a letter of recommendation is the only solution. When your referee is a disabled person, sometimes it is impossible to sign a document.

In this case you can use electronic signature too.

What is Electronic Signature for your Letter?

According to the UK Governmental Guideline, electronic signatures come in many forms, including:

  • Typewritten
  • Scanned
  • An electronic representation of a handwritten signature
  • A unique representation of characters
  • A digital representation of characteristics, for example, fingerprint or retina scan
  • A signature created by cryptographic means.

Hence, your referee can choose the most convenient for him or her.

Finally, you should not worry about the trust to your letter. If it has electronic signature, it is still good. Anyway, Tech Nation can always check it using contacts in the letter.

However, if you have a chance to get a letter of recommendation with a real signature, do your best to have it. In comparison with the other types of letter, it looks better and more seriously.

How to make an Electronic Signature for Letter of Recommendation?

Your referee can use different digital tools to sign the document electronically. Depending on the choice of complexity of signature, there are different software applications.

The most popular way is signing via creating an object in a document.
It does not require any extra inputs.

However, to place it into the document requires a little bit of customisation.

There are also special solutions for this task. If you are looking for them, then check Docusign, Signable or Adobe Reader.

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Author: Andrii Seleznov

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