Extension of Global Talent Visa

Extension of Global Talent Visa is not a frequently asked question at all. However, it is very important to know the main aspects of extension. Briefly, it is explained in Home Office Guidance. At the same time, since I have got practical experience with this, I decided to share this knowledge with you too.

Your Need to Extend Global Talent Visa

Extension of Global Talent Visa is a process, when you apply to continue your living and working in the United Kingdom under Tech Nation Visa.

The Home Office declares the following statement about this:

If you currently hold leave under Global Talent and wish to extend this, you are not required to submit a new application (stage 1) to the endorsing body. Your existing endorsement will be sufficient, so long as this has not been withdrawn by the endorsing body. This means at the extension stage, you only need to submit a single application form and single fee. The same principle also applies to settlement applications. Only initial applicants go through the two-stage process.

Home Office Guidance for Global Talent Visa

In other words, this means that you don’t need to apply for Endorsement second time. Your Endorsement from the first application is still relevant. Hence, you must focus on different documents.

Why do you need an extension for Global Talent Visa?

In a brief, there is an average situation when a person needs to apply for extension. You may apply for the minimum period of stay in the UK under Global Talent Visa. This period is one year. And after that period of time, you can decide – do you want to stay or to leave.

If you choose the first option – to stay, then you need an extension for Global Talent Visa. In fact, I know other recipients of Global Talent Visa who have done this. And I have done it by myself.

However, if you decide to leave, then it will be the final point. Hence, if you’ll decide to come back to the UK again, you must apply for Global Talent Visa again.

One more additional situation when you can use the minimal period of visa and then apply for an extension is related to your finances. As you know, from October 2020, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) has increased significantly. Additionally, some of exceptional talents and exceptional promises are not too rich. As a result, the overall fee for Global Talent Visa and IHS can be quite tough to pay.

Sometimes we may need just a quick look at someone’s document to see the logic behind it. To demonstrate how this works, below I put a real example – letter from my employer, which I had in 2017. He signed a recommendation letter to confirm my employment status. Annual earnings were explained there as well.

Finally, this letter explains that a person works in the expert field. All these aspects are the most important part for an extension application for Global Talent Visa.

Sample of Letter to Confirm Employment and Earnings in the Expert Field

This content is only for Global Talent Visa applicants with Extra Talent Visa Help or All Inclusive membership

What is the format of recommendation letter for extension?

As you can see, this letter was compact but informative. Also, to be sure in the outcome, I drafted the letter. In other words, I tried to provide as much information as possible. Particularly, about the financial side of my employment.

Additionally, I would like to remind you that your boss must use headed paper for this letter. Sure, there are no exemption from this rule. This is must-have.

Also, I want to quote the question from one of the readers:

My question is related with supporting documents to provide as a proof of earnings in my expert field.

Among “Other documents” that I need to attach to my extension application there are two separate positions:
– Original payslips showing your employer’s name or payslips accompanied by a letter from your employer on company headed paper confirming your earnings
– Letter from employer or institution on official headed paper confirming you have earned money in your expert field

My employer has provided me one letter (not two) with both statements: about earnings and declaration of my employment in digital technologies (scan copy attached, payslips are in a separate file).

Shall I ask about a new letter with confirmation of earning money in my expert field or the document, which I have, is relevant for proof?

Exceptionally Talented Reader of Global Talent Visa Help Blog

This question is a perfect illustration about the complicated nature of the process, which seems to be quite smooth.

Two Letters for Extension of Global Talent Visa

As you can read above, some applicants for extension of their Global Talent Visa are sad. They think to apply two letters to prove (a) earnings, (b) employment in digital technologies.

I must say that it is acceptable. But it is much better if your employer will use the same document to prove as many facts as possible. I am sure that the best way for this is to draft the Letter by yourself. Hence, my sample may be like a helpful hand for you.

At the same time, if this article need extra clarification – let me know, I will be glad to share my knowledge with you.

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