Fresh application after lost Endorsement Review

Each fresh application for Global Talent Visa is an empty page of your biography to fill. Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema

Fresh Tech Nation Visa application after the lost Endorsement Review is the second attempt to get the UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. What is the success rate? Should it be completely new visa application or you can use documents from previous one? How about Letter of Recommendation – can you use it again? Get your answers and ask your own questions about this trick point.

A fresh application or… repeat?


Sorry I wasn’t clear … my apologies 

Summary if an application is rejected even after the review .., can an applicant make new Applications with same Key and Qualifying criteria, in such cases?

1. Does tech nation refer or compare earlier application with a new fresh application?

o. You cannot use the same evidence for two criteria. Or have you meant anything else?- I meant, can the earlier  Evidence letter be resubmitted with additional or new/changed evidence by the same person or should/ can we add evidence/letter form diff person.

3. How long is the Recommendation letter valid for? if no comments were there on a Recommendation letter, can this be reused

4. Earlier application is a priceless thing that’s why they are not available in public access – were u referring to an application by others? 

5. Can personal statement and CV be modified in fresh applications? (as in earlier CV some porj3ects would  have been mentioned, can those be mentioned and highlighted and  drop the earlier one)can  t
Many Thanks

Applicant for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

Definitely the New Attempt to get Global Talent Visa

Thanks for your clarification.

Your question about a new Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application is quite interesting. I have never get any similar questions before. Hence, let’s think together how to make it in the best manner.

First of all – yes, you can apply for the second time. It will be a new visa application. You can apply it after unsuccessful Endorsement review.

Fresh Application vs. A Copy Of Old One

Answer to your Question 1 is “No, they don’t”.
In brief, Tech Nation considers each fresh application as a new one. History of your previous attempts does not matter.

For example, I know at least one applicant, who has recently got a visa from the second attempt.

Old Evidence Are Allowed In Fresh Application

In general, you can use any of the documents of the previous application. However, there are two main aspects.

First of all, you must understand what was the weak point of your first application. Then – think about the strong sides of your initial visa application.

This will help you not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Moreover, if the problems of the past application were not caused by your evidence, then use them as well in a fresh application.

Evidence and Supporting Documents Signed During Last Year

As a rule of thumb, documents are valid for one year. This must be applied to any Letter of Recommendation. However, when we speak about supporting letters and any other supporting documents they have a longer life cycle. As a result, it is acceptable to attach evidence 3 – 5 years old.

After this period, it is better to renew it with a fresher date.

Samples of Documents from Other People

Yes, I meant samples based on applications submitted by other people, not by the same person. I thought you are looking for samples of documents.

However, if you will refer to your older application in your fresh application – that’s a bit wrong. It will be irrelevant as well. Tech Nation still considers only documents of an existing application. Surely, the older unsuccessful application is not trustworthy.

You Must Improve Your Global Talent Visa Application

To sum up, you can improve any document in a fresh application. Just think about it in view of a blank page in front of you. Hence, you can do whatever you want.

But I insist that you must do this. In other words, I mean to bring changes into your initial Global Talent Visa application.

As a result, these changes will help you to demonstrate the progress of your work. And understanding mistakes as well as the outcome of Endorsement Review.

If you have any other questions – let me know.

Sincerely, Andrii Seleznov

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