Global Talent Visa Endorsement: Get It Before October 2020

Apply for Global Talent Visa Endorsement before October 2020. Photo Credit: Leone Venter

To have your Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise visa you must get Global Talent Visa Endorsement firstly. Today I will share three honest reasons why it is better to apply before October 2020. You know, I do not support any gossips about higher chances to apply on some specific period. But I consider the existing situation quite serious and this is my opinion.

Global Talent Visa Endorsement In General

First of all, for people who are just starting a journey to apply for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa (or Global Talent Visa, which is the same name), I recommend reading this. I point your attention to this guideline for Global Talent Visa application just to be sure you understand the complexity of the way ahead.

In brief, you must submit your online application to get a Global Talent Visa Endorsement. Your application has to consist of the filled form with Personal Statement, three Letters of Recommendation, your CV or resume and up to ten supporting documents.

As you can find, Endorsement is the basis for further visa application. Honestly, it is the most difficult part of this journey. Surely, more people got their rejections just on Endorsement stage.

I won’t repeat here the basics, which I have already told on this Talent Visa Help blog. Just use the search and you will get more details about each of these topics. If you have your questions – write to me, I will be glad to share my knowledge with you.

Traditionally, I try not to push people to apply for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa (Global Talent Visa) at all. Again – I don’t support gossips and speculations about this visa route.

Surely, I know that a good application requires time. Basically, I had the same in my own story. I had prepared my documents to get Exceptional Promise for nine months (!!!). The duration of normal pregnancy, by the way (joke :)).

But we are a happy generation to live in this unique time. Hence, there are grounds to think twice before delaying to apply for Global Talent Visa now.

Reasons To Apply As Soon As Possible

At the same time, today is a different situation. All this coronavirus mess made our life completely unpredictable. And we are trying to go back to a “new” normal as well. Hence, as a person who already had Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa, I can confirm a fact: it is better to apply for a Global Talent Visa Endorsement before October 2020.

My two main arguments are based on the following philosophical reasoning:

  1. If you will delay with visa application, you will pay more;
  2. Global overall negative expectations because of coronavirus;
  3. Inability to come to the UK or leave your country.

Higher price for Global Talent Visa

Actually, the price will not change by itself. You will pay £608 in the future. In other words, just the same amount of fee you pay now. However, the Immigration Health Surcharge for Global Talent Visa applicants will grow by 56%. This simply means that instead of £400 per year you must pay £624.

For example, you apply for three years of visa for yourself and your dependent. Or Exceptional Talent Visa and Exceptional Talent Partner Visa respectively. Then, please, be ready to pay £1,200 for yourself. Plus £1,200 for your partner.

As a result of future changes, in October 2020 and later you will pay more: £1,872 for yourself. And the same £1,872 for your partner.

Basic mathematics, nothing special.

Second Wave of Coronavirus

A second wave is almost inevitable, particularly as we go towards the winter months. Read this BBC article for more details.

I am not an epidemiologist to give long explanations. But, according to the nature and logic outcome of the existing situation, this is not the end of the coronavirus story. Unfortunately, it is still ahead of us.

No Entry or No Exit

As a result of the second wave of coronavirus, the countries will be locked again. You can read how it was the first time. I got many questions from applicants who got their Endorsements but cannot apply for Visa stage. And for people who got Visas but cannot travel to the United Kingdom.

Hence, if you want to avoid extra nervous situations, it is better to plan ahead and apply in the nearest month. Surely, if you can do this and the quality of your documents are good.

Help with Global Talent Visa

If you have any questions – please, feel free to ask me directly via email. I do not visit any Immigration forums or other public discussion boards anymore to answer questions there.

Basically, I do my best to reply to people’s emails as soon as possible. I understand that someone’s life (sometimes with dependants) is hidden between the words of emails sent to me.

But, please, keep in your mind that I am not a UK immigration lawyer. Hence, all the materials here and any suggestions from me are just guidelines from experienced guy who has Talent Visa by himself.

Talent Visa Help has been created for informational purpose and is not an official guidance for Global Talent Visa (Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa) application.

Talent Visa Help should not be used as a substitute for the official Tech Nation Guideline or Home Office Guideline. Talent Visa Help is NOT linked either with Tech Nation or Home Office. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the texts belong solely to the authors at Talent Visa Help. The contents of Talent Visa Help do not constitute legal advice and authors accept no liability for the accuracy of information provided. Applicants should always consult the official governmental guidance and seek professional immigration advice where appropriate.

For additional assistance, please, contact help@talentvisahelp.com

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