How to Optimize Global Talent Visa Fees?

How to optimize your Global Talent Visa Fees? There are some free ideas

What if I told you there is a way how to save thousands of pounds on your UK Global Talent Visa fees? It’s possible! Particularly, if you plan to seek immigration consultancy or lawyers to help you. Probably, for these categories of applicants my today’s article is must-read. However, let’s start from the early beginning.

Official Global Talent Visa Fees

What is the official Global Talent Visa fees? This is a sum of money, which you pay to Home Office, applying as an individual to get Tech Nation Visa.

You can find the correct price, which you must pay for your application on the Home Office website. As of October 2020, you may see the following:


The visa application costs £152, or £97 if you’re from Turkey or North Macedonia.

You can include your partner and children (‘dependants’) on the same application form, if they’re eligible. There is an extra cost of £608 for each dependant.

You also need to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your visa application. This is usually £400 per year for each person applying – you can calculate the amount you’ll need to pay.

Global Talent Visa, Home Office

This means that you need to pay £152 as a Global Talent Visa fee, straightforward applying to get Endorsement. If you are originated from Turkey or North Macedonia, then you are luckier and will save £55 but pay £97 as official fees for Tech Nation Visa.

Importantly, there is no difference in amount to pay by Exceptional Promise or Exceptional Talent applicants. I think this is a very good thing. In particular, for equal consideration of both categories.

In fact, it’s really rare cases, when the actual payment for Global Talent Visa is the same as official fees. And in this article I want to demonstrate you which factors you need to consider, thinking about Global Talent Visa fees.

You Can’t Avoid Immigration Health Surcharge

It is also important to remember that the price of £152 (or £97) doesn’t include Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). In brief, it is a vital part of your visa application and you can’t submit your application unless you pay it. Also, it is a largest payment in your Global Talent Visa application. As you know, from October 2020, the IHS payment has increased. Now you must pay £624 per year (instead of £400 as it was before).

For example, you want to apply for a Global Talent Visa as an Exceptional Promise for 5 years. This means that you must pay over three thousand pounds as an official Global Talent Visa fee. In fact, £3,272 (or £3,217 if you are from Turkey or North Macedonia).

In other words, you must pay £152 (or £97) plus £624 x 5 years.

Of course, I understand that for some of you this sum is huge. I’ve been in your shoes and similarly struggle to collect this money. Moreover, if you have dependants… but this is a slightly different story.

Global Talent Visa Fees for Dependants

If you want to bring your family to the UK together with you – that’s completely fine. Then you must cover them with an umbrella of your Global Talent Visa. In this situation, your wife or husband will have Exceptional Talent Partner Visa. But your kid will get Exceptional Talent Child Visa.

From the financial point of view it’s important to realize that each dependant’s visa costs £608. Plus you also must pay Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for each defendant. Surely, per year.

For example, if you have a partner and a child then you need to pay additionally £1,216 for their visas. Indeed, a lot but love is love :).

In fact, the final sum of official Global Talent Visa fees for your dependants are even higher. Particularly, depending on which way you apply. So let’s consider specific examples.

Thousands of Pounds… before Indefinite Leave To Remain

Without a doubt, people get Global Talent Visa to be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom. As you know, the required period for life and work in the UK for Exceptional Talents and Exceptional Promises is different. Specifically, 3 years vs. 5 years. As a result, it hugely impacts on your payment.

For example, let’s think that you are Exceptional Talent. In this case, you must pay an official fee for Tech Nation Visa plus Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for thee years. This means £2,024 of your pocket (or £1,969 for people from North Macedoina and Turkey)

As we found, if you are an Exceptional Promise and apply for 5 years of Tech Nation Visa, then you must pay £3,272 (or £3,217 if you are from Turkey or North Macedonia).

To rephrase it: over a thousand of pounds in difference. As a result, please, think twice when choosing route.

Exceptional Talents with Dependants

I got this question a couple of times and want to clarify it. If you are an Exceptional Talent but have your dependants, then you must pay for different periods.

In particular, you must pay Global Talent Visa fees, which include official visa fee plus Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for three years.

However, each of your dependants must pay a visa fee and Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for five years.

For example, you are Exceptional Talent and you have a partner and a child. Then you need to pay

To illustrate my calculations, follow this thought: £608 of official visa fee plus £624 of IHS for 5 years. This means £3,728 per dependant. Also, you must multiply by two because of partner and child in this immigration status. Hence, £7,456. Or if we add payment for your visa as well, finally, we’ll get £9,480 per family. In a word, quite a lot.

In reality, if you are Exceptional Promise with two dependants, then you must pay £10,728. But, please, don’t worry about any of these numbers. You can always apply just for one year and then extend your visa. And this is truly working solution. I’ve applied it for myself.

Additional Costs of Global Talent Visa

Of course, we must understand that most of the applicants cannot fit to the lean sum of money to get Tech Nation Visa. Traditionally, applicants for Global Talent Visa pay extras for documents, knowledge and consultancies.

Payment for Documents

First of all, if your documents are not in English or Welsh, then you must translate them. Moreover, the translation must be authorised. Hence, you need to pay for translating services.

Also, I believe, most of your documents you can get for free. Just ask about them and get them. However, in some cases you may be charged a standard fee. For example, when you need to get extract from a specific registry.

In the past, in the same way you needed to pay for certificates of your on-line (or off-line) courses as evidence for Continuous Learning. The prices vary and I can share a lifehack with you. If you are employed and your employer has a budget for education, you can ask them to pay for your course from the company’s account! Surprisingly, it’s win-win for both of you. For them it will be a real fact of education, funded by the company but for you -an investment in your future.

Even now, when the Continuous Learning is not a qualifying criterion for Global Talent Visa, you can still add the valuable certificate to your supporting documents.

Payments for Knowledge

Obviously, in this category I consider any memberships.

Also, you can find other people, who offer specific measurable and accessible materials about Tech Nation Visa route.

The principle of work with this payments is simple – you pay and get either temporary or permanent access to specific type of information.

Indeed, it’s important to understand that as a result of any payment, you will get a piece of knowledge about Global Talent Visa. In other words, again, it can be considered as investment in yourself.

Yes, that's true: I don't charge for sharing my opinion about your drafts of documents for Tech nation Visa. For me it takes a couple of minutes to read your draft of Personal Statement or check a letter of recommendation but for you it may help to avoid rejection
Yes, that’s true: I don’t charge for sharing my opinion about your drafts of documents for Tech nation Visa. For me it takes a couple of minutes to read your draft of Personal Statement or check a letter of recommendation but for you it may help to avoid rejection

Payments to Global Talent Visa Consultants

This is a painful point both for you, as a person who need immigration advice for Global Talent Visa route, and for me, as a person, who in fact shares knowledge about Tech Nation Visa. I get many questions how much do I charge for consultation and what is a price for a review of documents for Global Talent Visa.

In my Disclaimer, I clearly say: I don’t provide any immigration advice. I am not an authorised OISC advisor or immigration lawyer in the UK. Hence, I don’t want to break law but follow the money.

At the same time, I know that some people offer individual consultations or personal support for thousands of pounds starting from £3,000 per person.

Without a doubt, my task is to help you to understand can this person help you? Or (s)he will take money, in fact, but will say “sorry” if you get rejection? I have nothing to loose, writing these words, because, as I said before – I don’t consult people.

Hence, I created a basic checklist for you to understand what type of consultant – real one or fake one you have in front of you.

Checklist for Immigration Consultant in Global Talent Visa

Before you pay any money to any person who promise you to help with Global Talent Visa application ask about this obligatory things:

  • OISC authorisation. I also didn’t know what does this abbreviation means but it’s a helpful governmental body. Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (or OISC) regulates immigration advisers, ensuring they are fit and competent and act in the best interest of their clients. Don’t be scared to ask your immigration consultant about OISC certificate. It’s a criminal offence to give immigration advice (and charge thousands of pounds) without this certificate.
  • Company Information. You must check the company, where your consultant works. Indeed, Companies House helps with this in the best way. On their website you can find information about the financial side of activities and type of work, which your consultant can do. Please, pay extra attention to tab “Charges” if it exists. Sometimes, you can find not very pleasant stuff there. Hence, are you still sure to give thousands of pounds to this company?
  • Check the reputation of your consultant with any search engine. Just put name and surname in quotes to search line. Also, check not the first but second and other pages to see the hidden history.
  • Payment requirements must be fair and transparent. If you have an offer to pay £10,000 in advance and then you’ll get return of the sum if you get rejection, then with probability of 99,9% you will never see your money again.
  • Schedule a several payments instead of one payment of the whole fee. If your consultant is a trusted person, then (s)he is flexible and understands the financial burden. For example, pay hundred of pounds and see the results of your consultant’s work. Then pay other parts. The bigger initial sum – the higher risks to lose money.

What to expect and ask

First of all, you must discuss rejection. The chances not to get Endorsement are the same as to get it. But when Tech Nation rejects your visa application the main person who must support you is your immigration consultant. Then (s)he must demonstrate his or her skills to argue against decision. Please, don’t believe people who say that endorsement review is a waste of time. No, it’s not. And we have dozens of people in our Tech Nation Visa Alumni community, who got Endorsement after the review.

To sum up, I want to encourage you to believe in yourself and your own abilities. Although, you can pay £3,000 or £5,000 (the largest sum, which I’ve heard is $50,000) for Global Talent Visa but there is no guarantee that you will get Endorsement.

Global Talent Visa fees include not only the official fee, paid to Home Office but also any extra charges, which you pay to make your visa application ready to submit
Global Talent Visa fees include not only the official fee, paid to Home Office but also any extra charges, which you pay to make your visa application ready to submit

And in 8 cases out of 10 you will do everything by yourself but the immigration consultant will say does it look good or not.

Why not to save this money but find other ways to get feedback on your documents? There are, at least, three ways how to get free feedback on your draft of Global Talent Visa application. Probably, one of my future posts will tell a bit more about this topic.

Minimal Numbers of Exceptional Visa

I want to confirm you the minimal numbers, which you must have to apply for Global Talent Visa.

Are you ready to remember this? Then read aloud, please.


Yes, this is seven hundred seventy six pounds zero pence. This is a sum of official Global Talent Visa fees for one year of Exceptional Talent Visa route. Also, this is an official sum of money you must pay for Exceptional Promise route. This number is final and relevant for October 2020. No dependants or any other conditions.

Even if you are not too rich person, remember you are allowed to start with this and then extend your visa.

If you want to find a person who can have a quick look at your drafts for Global Talent Visa application, it's always possible. Just ask and in some cases you will get free honest opinion about what you have
If you want to find a person who can have a quick look at your drafts for Global Talent Visa application, it’s always possible. Just ask and in some cases you will get free honest opinion about what you have


Honestly, I am happy that today I demonstrated you the internal “kitchen” of the financial side of Global Talent Visa. I understand how it’s disappointing to be asked thousands of pounds. Particularly, when you are not sure about the quality of the offer. Hence, use the checklist for Immigration Consultant in Global Talent Visa, mentioned above. More sad situation is to get rejection and not get even basic support from your “consultant”. And, yes, it’s criminal offence to provide immigration consultations without OISC authorisation.

Finally, it must be remembered: you CAN apply by yourself. There are ways how to get your Endorsement and Tech Nation Visa with minimal financial impact. Sure, official Global Talent Visa fees are unavoidable. Please, read the beginning of this article if you’ve missed it.

However, many other payments, particularly, for consultants who ask thousands of pounds, can be re-considered. And this may save your money, nerves and sometimes – increase your chances to get Endorsement!

Believe me or not but the strongest personal statement is the one you write by yourself. If you need a proofread, I can do it for free. But I won’t write them instead of you. And the final question – have you read feedback at the end of the main page of this blog?

I am proud because within the five feedback, which I’ve listed, three of these talented people sent me their drafts of personal statements to proofread. I have helped them to improve their documents a little bit and voila :).

Believe in yourself, work hard and read this blog. More useful stuff is coming soon.

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