How to Write Personal Statement by Yourself?

Can You Write the Personal Statement by Yourself?

Can you write Personal Statement by Yourself? Probably, yes, but… In reality many of the applicants who thought they could, actually, CAN’T. They write a long text with information about themselves, their startups and their expectations; however, occasionally they miss something essential and afterwards – do not get Endorsement. So, let’s start from the basics of the Personal Statement – this critical document for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

If you are searching correctly, you have seen that I wrote a couple of articles on a similar topic here, here and here. But since repetition is the mother of skill, it is better to clarify the main aspects one more time.

Make a Plan of Your Personal Statement

Everyone knows about the 12 essential questions to answer in the Personal Statement. They are published in the Tech Nation Guidelines, and I will not waste your time to re-read it here. Hence, you need to create approximately 6 – 8 paragraphs to answer them. By the way, you can mix your answers and write in any order, but you must not forget to answer any of them.

Write Personal Statement Within Wordcount

To write clear Personal Statements, you need no more than 1000 words (or 7000 characters). It is approximately two sides of A4 with text in Times New Roman (12 pt). If you can cover all the points in 6000 characters, that is not bad. However, you still miss a chance to tell more about your future projects or occupation. Hence, this is not a good practice.

Keep The Ratio

Using the word “ratio”, I mean an approximate size and content of every paragraph in your Personal Statement. Sure, you can write three long paragraphs and disclose the required information there. Or you can write ten paragraphs and do the same. But you need to keep your eye on what you are writing. If you focus only on your past – you will not write about your plans appropriately. However, if you will be focused exclusively on the bright future in the UK – you will miss the foundation.

The Ratio — an approximate size and content of every paragraph in your Personal Statement.

Forget About Formatting

Sometimes applicants send me their Personal Statements to read and share my opinion. It is not a problem for me to write what I think about the strong and weak points of their document.

However, when I see any kind of (1) subheading, (2) links, (3) Q&A format, (4) bold text, (5) quotations from Letter of Recommendation, I am sad. The Personal Statement is not a blog post or an article, it also is not an exam paper or pitch deck. It is a pure text that contains your thoughts and ideas. Dot.

Why You?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about 8 alarming reasons for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa refusal. However, I need to say this again: you are exceptional talent (I hope so!) not because of your 10+ years of experience in technology, your gender or, perhaps, your completed courses in Udacity. You are unique because of the value that you can bring to the United Kingdom as a holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. You are the mix of your achievements, qualities and plans. That is why you must focus only on this aspect and write your Personal Statement from this point of view.

If you are still struggling with writing a Personal Statement, don’t understand how it looks like and what to put into it – I suggest Examples of Personal Statement will be interesting and useful for you. You can view them (with other insights about Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa) here and get answers and tips to the core questions of the whole visa application process for this unique and prestige visa route. Have questions? Write to me!

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2 thoughts on “How to Write Personal Statement by Yourself?

  1. Dear Andrii

    I have one particular question, for the tech nation endorsement, do I have to work ir have worked necessarily in a digital technology company?? I work at the national electoral council of Colombia, in the public sector.It is a government Office, bit I have developed several applications un visual basic

    1. Hi Camilo,
      Thank you for your question. You are allowed to work in a company or authority which is not purely digital. But you must be involved in digital technologies as a side project at least. This includes a high level of influence when you are carrying Open Source projects and develop digital solutions for social projects. Then it can be acceptable if your full-time job is not in digital technologies… However, several applications in visual basic seem to be not true enough. In any case – if you will give me a link to your LinkedIn profile or CV, I can say more.
      Please, send any further communication to help@talentvisahelp.com and we will continue there.

      Andrii Seleznov

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