Global Talent Visa in COVID 19

COVID-19 ruined many plans (and even lives) worldwide. That’s why for Global Talent Visa applicants it is important to know what’s going on. Moreover, these brand-new visas (well-known as Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa in the past) were introduced only two months ago. My readers are also concerned about things. Hence, let’s speak about the talent visa process and other legal stuff, affected by a coronavirus.

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A new digital field for Key Criteria

You can get your Exceptional Talent in Global Talent Visa(Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa) if you are a digital star. In other words, an expert with “a proven track record of innovation in the digital technology sector as … an employee working in a new digital field or concept that must be clearly evidenced”? Let’s think about what is “new digital field” and how can you prove these Key Criteria.

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Guide for Endorsement Review in Global Talent Visa: 8 easy steps

You opened an email from Home Office with a hope to get an endorsement in your Global Talent Visa application but instead of happiness – sad news, you don’t have your endorsement from Tech Nation. What shall you do now? Are there any chances to turn this decision? This Guideline will help you to apply for Endorsement Review and get as much outcome from it as possible

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SAP and UK Global Talent Visa

I get dozens of questions from SAP experts who wanted to get UK Global Talent Visa. Particularly, during the last three years. As a result, I decided to answer these questions publicly. It is not an easy task to understand is SAP expert eligible to get Global Talent Visa. But let’s try to do this and if so – what does (s)he need to have?

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The truth about Exceptionally Talented Child

I got a couple of questions from parents of talented children from Russia and India regarding talent visa for kid. They wrote to me about Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas for their talented children as the only option to live, be educated and even work in the UK. Yes, you understand this idea correctly: they want to apply for a visa not by themselves but on behalf of their small kids!

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