Quotes in Personal Statement not allowed. Links too

Personal Statement for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Application in details

Today we are returning to the Personal Statement. This is an essential document of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa (Global Talent Visa). Can you use quotes in Personal Statement? Or put links? You may be a real digital star, but these small mistakes will drop your personal score during the assessment process.

Basics About Personal Statement

I have already written a couple of articles about the basics of this document and its details.

By the way, all of my previous blog postings are based on the Home Office & Tech Nation Guidelines, so you can always double-check the exciting facts.

Today I need to clarify one more point. The question for today is: are the quotes and links relevant to include into the Personal Statement for UK Exceptional Talent Visa?

Short answer – probably, no.

But you need to understand two main things about the Personal Statement, and then you will understand why my answer is negative.

Own Vision on Your Life

Writing a personal statement is similar to creating your own idea for your life as a startup. Indeed, your life is the most important project of your everyday routine. What extra bonuses you will have with Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa? How will you change not only your life but the life of other people in the UK and around the world?

Your Personal Statement has to be a monologue about your future and a couple of sentences about your past. But again – history as a foundation for future achievements, not the main body of your Personal Statement for Exceptional Talent Visa

One creative trick – imagine that you will read your personal statement in front of auditory. Nobody likes pure facts of history and all of us like stories to dream about.

Andrii Seleznov, Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Recipient

Storytelling for Tech Nation Visa

That’s why your Personal Statement has to be good storytelling.

Start with what you already have had.

Then – go directly to what you want to achieve with Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. By the way, write about:

  • the city where you plan to live and why you have chosen it;
  • what will be your occupation after obtaining talent visa;
  • the focus industry (or industries) that you will enter with your digital skills;
  • what benefits for the UK you will bring with you.
    Some accuracy in your imagination will be a plus (if your startup will create job places – the approximate number in the next five years according to your growth plan; investments – what round and what size; name your target auditory if you know it and so on)

Finally, please, don’t forget that you must have not more than 7,000 characters of your story.

Can You Use Quotes in Personal Statement?

Your Personal Statement should not be a collection of quotes by people who signed your Letters of Recommendation. As you can suggest – all the documents are scrutinised. Assessment Board at Tech Nation reads all the recommendations. Hence, even if CEO Google (Amazon, Tesla, etc.) wrote that you are a talent, you should not duplicate his or her words. No need for a repeat. Almost the same situation is with quotes extracted from the Supporting Documents.

The only trick in this situation – if you want to mention some recognition that is important for you, you can write something like this: “After I was named as “a digital guru” by Forbes, I have understood that I need to share my knowledge and created own EdTech startup” or something like this.

Can You Use Links in Personal Statement?

Your application is a pure text, not HTML (moreover, if you are applying using a paper form). Do not be silly to waste your word count with links. The reality is cruel – your application will be among others (ten other applications or hundred others…). Hence, write as much as you can using your own words.

Provide not links but a screenshot of the links if the content can prove your digital skills, world recognition or support your visa application in any other way.

Finally, if you want to get a sample Personal Statement (or Letter of Recommendation) as well as examples of Supporting documents like an on-line certificate or extract of employment contract – let me know.

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