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Question (author style is kept): I have a quick question, though, if I may this is the last one.

3. How do I demonstrate continuous learning/mastery of new commercial or technical digital skills throughout my career? Evidence of learning processes or tools such as Agile or Scrum or of up-to-date knowledge of your sector trends, as shown for example by a relevant qualification, or by a talk in a prestigious conference.

Given that Google Analytics Certification is the industry-leading recognition for those involved in Digital Marketing, my question is will this count towards these criteria? As I have been certified for almost 4 years now in Google?

Answer: After diving a little bit into Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificates (I suggest you mean this certificate), I suggest this is a proof of your learning new commercial digital skills and it is industry-leading recognition for Digital Marketing and it can be count towards this Qualifying Criteria for Talent Visa BUT there are three important aspects.

A score of your Continuous Learning

As I have found in different courses of Google Analytics Qualification there are different approaches to show or not to show the final score in the certificate. If your certificate has any score – it has to be at a higher level, not average. Barely pass and the average score in any kind of certificates (not only for Digital Marketing but also for tech guys) did not help at all. I have a real example from one person who sent a certificate with “PASS” but not “EXCELLENT” and it was considered as disadvantage of the application; an applicant got refusal because of lack of Qualifying Criteria for Talent Visa (however, I have to approve that there were also other gaps in that visa application with Key Criteria).

Time of Issuing the Certificate

Believe me or not but 4 years is quite a long period for the digital field. Hence, you need to show some other proof of your mastering new skills and learning after obtaining Google Analytics Qualification Certificate.

Just go along with my thoughts: you got this Certificate and started your work, without next mastering new skills or learning something new about Digital Marketing. So you are just purely doing your everyday job. Thousands are doing the same. Hence, it is an ordinary working lifestyle and this method of business is not too talented. To be recognized as a person who has continuous learning and mastering new skills you need to have some small or big results every year. Perhaps, to write an article, or make a presentation, speak at the conference or have completed other courses and this should be reflected somewhere (or at least in business results of your company).

Sure, there is plenty of different situations when even Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate with an average score, issued 4 years ago can be considered as an industry-leading recognition for Digital Marketing and bring benefits to your visa application as a Qualifying Criteria for Talent Visa for your Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application. But I believe it has to be only in conjunction with fresher documents. This Certificate has to be as a step towards your bigger achievements in Digital Marketing in the next years after you got it.

Practical aspects of Qualifying Criteria for Talent Visa

The rule of thumb for any Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application is not just providing a certificate as a proof of continuous learning but demonstrating how this knowledge help.

For example, if you finished a course on the advancement level of computer vision implementation for agriculture, you must show not only your above-average grades but also how you use your knowledge in practice. You know better than me that without a real hands-on experience knowledge become irrelevant after some time.

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