Sample of Personal Statement for Business route by Startup Founder

Request of Sample of Personal Statement for Global Talent Visa UK

This Sample of Personal Statement is a fresh one. It demonstrates that Global Talent Visa is a route not only for technical founders but for business people as well. The author of this Personal Statement is not a techie, but he is a business founder and knows the industry. Pay attention that this Personal Statement answers all the questions and include other important aspects. The size of the text is less than 7,000 characters (or 1,000 words) and it has enough professional details.

Additionally, I must say that all confidential and sensitive information in this Sample of Personal Statement has been replaced and anonymised.

Finally, I must focus your attention on the Disclaimer.

Please, don’t use this Sample of Personal Statement as a copy-paste example. The purpose of this example is the same as any other document on this Blog – to give you an overall idea of what you need to write about yourself and your expertise.

Full access to the examples of documents for Global Talent Visa requires More Talent Visa Help membership.

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Support with your Personal Statement

If you have any questions about this Sample of Personal Statement or any issues related to Global Talent Visa – let me know, I will be glad to share my knowledge with you. Traditionally, it takes 3 – 5 days to reply to your emails.

Additionally, I can proofread your draft of Personal Statement and share my opinion about its level. During the last 3.5 years, I read dozens of them and I must say that approximately a quarter of all drafts are acceptable and good.

Most of them have some weak points. Hence, to avoid problems with your Personal Statement, I recommend you to read this, this and this articles.

Finally, you can always check the Tech Nation website or Home Office guidelines to get official stuff.

Talent Visa Help has been created for informational purpose and is not an official guidance for Global Talent Visa (Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa) application.

Talent Visa Help should not be used as a substitute for the official Tech Nation Guideline or Home Office Guideline. Talent Visa Help is NOT linked either with Tech Nation or Home Office. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the texts belong solely to the authors at Talent Visa Help. The contents of Talent Visa Help do not constitute legal advice and authors accept no liability for the accuracy of information provided. Applicants should always consult the official UK government guidance and seek professional immigration advice where appropriate.

For additional assistance, please, contact

Author: Andrii Seleznov

TalentVisaHelp is an independent project to help more talents and promises to come to the United Kingdom. This project is created by Andrii Seleznov, Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa recipient and Tech Nation Visa Ambassador in past. Andrii is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer and technical founder at Petiole. Additionally, Andrii is an Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition and winner of local agritech Hackathons in Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “Sample of Personal Statement for Business route by Startup Founder”

  1. Will you help me to understand, the documents we can access using the membership are word doc format so that I can download and start building/writing/updating the content relevant to me.

    The Same documents(personal statement, recommendation letters, evidence template etc…) will have different variation? Or all membership holders will have to use the same templete?

    1. Hi Santosh,
      Thank you for your question. It’s a truly good question.
      I understand that your need is to get as many valued samples of personal statement, letter of support and supporting documents as possible. And I understand this your need because I remember the amount of headache related to drafting these docs.
      However, you must understand – Tech Nation gets dozens of applications in a week.

      Just imagine the situation: they have 10 applications and 4 of them has everything the same. Just a couple of phrases are different. I can tell you without a doubt that these 4 applications will be rejected. Because Tech Nation pays attention to personality. And you can express it only via your own words.

      As a result, if you will get More Talent Visa Help, you will get three Personal Statements of real people (anonymized and de-personalised). This will get you an overall understanding and example what, how and where you need to write.
      The same with supporting documents and Letters of Recommendation – as of now I posted two of the letters but the next sample will be ready till the end of October 2020.
      Additionally, More Talent Visa Help gives access to 30+ phrases, which you can use drafting your own personal statement or letter of recommendation.
      I selected them from a variety of texts.

      Finally, yes, it will be access to posts on this blog. It won’t be a doc or zip file.
      It will be a material for reading, digesting in your brain and expressing via your own thoughts. In other words, the articles in Samples of Documents, which are now locked, will be unlocked.

      Also, if you need to proofread your draft of Personal Statement – you can read here.
      Andrii Seleznov

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