Sample of Recommendation Letter for Product Manager

This is a sample of Recommendation Letter, provided by the Investment Advisor to the applicant for Tech Nation Visa (Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies). This lucky lady got her Endorsement. The names and titles were changed. But, as usual, the main idea and inspiration are saved.

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Conclusions about this Recommendation Letter Sample

As you can see, this Recommendation Letter sample provides an example of text, which can be a good resource to understand how the Letter of Recommendation looks like. It is not a copy-paste version of document. It has too many personal details, which cannot be simply replaced.

However, after reading this Recommendation Letter Sample you and referee can consider the depth of the document. If you need any additional information about Letter of Recommendation – find it here or let me know.

Also, I think you are inspired enough to make your own draft letter of recommendation. So, just do it :).

Finally, you can always read the most comprehensive guide to Global Talent Visa with more links and information about Tech Nation Visa.

Talent Visa Help has been created for informational purpose and is not an official guidance for Global Talent Visa (Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa) application.

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Author: Andrii Seleznov

TalentVisaHelp is an independent project to help more talents and promises to come to the United Kingdom. This project is created by Andrii Seleznov, Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa recipient and Tech Nation Visa Ambassador in past. Andrii is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer and technical founder at Petiole. Additionally, Andrii is an Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition and winner of local agritech Hackathons in Ukraine.

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