SAP and UK Global Talent Visa

If you are an SAP expert, the chances to get Global Talent Visa to live and work in the UK is not extremely high.

I get dozens of questions from SAP experts who wanted to get UK Global Talent Visa. Particularly, during the last three years. As a result, I decided to answer these questions publicly. It is not an easy task to understand is SAP expert eligible to get Global Talent Visa. But let’s try to do this and if so – what does (s)he need to have?

I do not want to explain what is SAP. I believe if you read this article you have already known that this is a powerful enterprise resource planning software to manage companies finances, human resources, assets, logistics, etc. That is why let’s jump into the topic in-depth and think about the eligibility of the SAP experts for talent visas.

Can SAP expert get Global Talent Visa for the UK?

In my honest opinion, it is possible but very difficult and chances are not 50/50 but 75/25. With fewer chances to successfully get Global Talent Visa. And it does not matter how long do you work with SAP – 5 years or 15 years.

The main problem is that in the list of typical profiles at the Tech Nation website, there is no mention of SAP at all. Neither in tech nor in business routes. And the phrase that “… the list is not exhaustive and only provides an indication of the typical applicant assessed by Tech Nation.” does not bring too much light.

However, there is one other requirement that makes your chances, as an SAP expert, less than possible. I mean you must work in the product-led company to get an Endorsement for Digital Technologies.

As I understand the nature of SAP – this is very difficult to prove. The main idea of SAP is servicing and executing specific tasks of business. But not creating something new. If I am not right – let me know in the comments, please.

Critically think about your own case and plan ahead how you will apply to get Global Talent Visa as an SAP expert
Critically think about your own case and plan ahead how you will apply to get Global Talent Visa as an SAP expert

I am an expert in SAP and know that in most cases, my chances are low. But still – can I try to get Global Talent Visa?

I think it worths. But only in a case when you will apply for this unique visa not as a future employee of some company. I mean you cannot apply for this visa because you want to be employed by some UK based company, which uses SAP and may need your expertise.

It worth trying if you can demonstrate that your knowledge of SAP is a product by itself. I understand that this wording is not easy to understand but read it again. Your Knowledge Of SAP Is A Product By Itself. In this case, your position is better and you may try your luck with higher chances to win. Everything depends on your Personal Statement, three Letters of Recommendations and other supporting documents.

You must always remember that there is a list of occupations, that generally not considered suitable. And, as I reckon, SAP expertise is one of them. At the same time, since this approach is general, there is always a place for an “exceptional case”.

What can I do to make my SAP case unique and eligible to get Global Talent Visa?

I think there are three important things you must demonstrate that may increase your chances to get Global Talent Visa when you work in SAP or any other company, that is not generally suitable for this unique visa route.

Start with your Personal Statement

In a Personal Statement, you must write about your SAP expertise as a foundation for some new project. It may be, for example, a company to provide SAP consultancy. But it must be a company with specific niche knowledge, rare in the United Kingdom.

And that is why you will bring a huge benefit to this country. If you do not have some special knowledge in SAP (as well as some crazy idea how to make money out of this knowledge) – it is better not to try since you will fail. As I have said – for SAP 75% are against.

Ask about the right Letters of Recommendation

When you know what to write in the Personal Statement, it is time to ask your referees about the Letter of Recommendation. And here you need to pay attention. If they will give you a honest feedback as about SAP expert, without mention of your entrepreneurial soul and your future great company (or another unique project) – you will fail.

Your Letter of Recommendation must include not just information that you are good at work with SAP. Also, it must say that you have required abilities and skills to make your SAP knowledge as a successful business in the UK.

Get the correct supporting documents

A very similar situation is with supporting documents. Definitely, you must attach your SAP certificates to prove your expertise and knowledge. But also, you must demonstrate something out of the constant learning of SAP and exploiting SAP knowledge in your everyday job.

What impressive achievements (not related to your daily work) have you get in SAP. Did you deliver a speech at the SAP conference? Do you influence the industry via any social media channels? Have you drafted a book on SAP?


I hope, that after reading this article you will think critically about your own case. I do not want to scare you about strict requirements and very inquisitive Endorsement Panel. However, this is life and until you get a very special case, your chances to get Global Talent Visa if you are an SAP expert is not extremely high. You must fight for it, with all your creativity and knowledge.

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