Sample of Personal Statement for Business route by Startup Founder

This Sample of Personal Statement is a fresh one. It demonstrates that Global Talent Visa is a route not only for technical founders but for business people as well. The author of this Personal Statement is not a techie, but he is a business founder and knows the industry. Pay attention that this Personal Statement answers all the questions and include other important aspects. The size of the text is less than 7,000 characters (or 1,000 words) and it has enough professional details.

Additionally, I must say that all confidential and sensitive information in this Sample of Personal Statement has been replaced and anonymised.

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How to Write Personal Statement by Yourself?

Make a plan for your Personal Statement, write within wordcount and keep the ratio. This is how you will win.

Can you write Personal Statement by Yourself? Probably, yes, but… In reality many of the applicants who thought they could, actually, CAN’T. They write a long text with information about themselves, their startups and their expectations; however, occasionally they miss something essential and afterwards – do not get Endorsement. So, let’s start from the basics of the Personal Statement – this critical document for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

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