What to write in Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement?

Personal Statement for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa applications in details

Please, pay your attention that Talent Visa Help is not updated anymore. Starting from January 5, 2021, I don't proofread drafts of Personal Statements, Letters of Recommendation or any supporting documents. Also, I do not answer individual questions either via email or Linkedin. For more details, go to the Global Talent Visa Help Updates.

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I also didn’t know what to write in Personal Statement for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. Time and hardworking helped. As a result, every time I receive a question from a future Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa applicant, I remember my own feelings. It was the starting point when I was standing in him or her shoes.

I deeply understand what they are thinking and try to help as much as possible. I have already done some writing about Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement. Today I will write a little bit more about a structure of the Personal Statement and some other related topics. By the way, you can find examples of Personal Statements in the Talent Visa App. I have developed it after numerous requests to provide a sample Personal Statement (and other supporting documents for visa application)

What thoughts to write in Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement?

In general, applying for Global Talent Visa (Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa), I followed the recommendations of the Tech Nation UK Guidelines. However, they give us like the roadmap what to write.

Hence, following critical aspects, only your creativity and imagination will help you to make. Remember, you need not only informative but also entertaining Personal Statement. However, I am sure that for business guys, it is easier to write such stories than for techies. Because at the final point, it’s all about selling you and your skills.

Is there any format requirement?

In my Exceptional Talent Visa application, I have not done any subheading.
Your application will be shown in text format.

No HTML-tags or any other formatting will be available (at least, when I have applied it was in this manner). That is why a plain text is the best option.

And your Personal Statement will look like a story but not answers to the questions of these Guidelines.

Finally, don’t forget about 7,000 characters or 1,000 limit.

Where to get an example of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement?

And, finally, regarding the case of my Personal Statement, which I submitted to Tech Nation (it was Tech City UK then).

I cannot make public my Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement. It is too personal and too sensitive for me. Again – if you want to have a sample of this document *as well as others like Letter of Recommendation* – then, search in this blog.

Content of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement


Firstly, I made my introduction and write why I am making this Personal Statement. Please, be humble and write concerning people who will spend some time to read your thoughts.

Past and accomplishments

After that, I have briefly told about my achievements in different tech areas, wrote about years of professional experience, my passion for entrepreneurship and my project. I mentioned about international recognition of my project (awards and participation in different international programmes).

The UK is the best. Isn’t it?

After this, I clarified why the UK is the best option for my startup and me to grow and become successful. Here I explain about key institutions with which I planned to collaborate and write about what they will gain benefits in cooperation with my projects.

London or not

Then the part I told about my choice of city (currently – London) but explained why I hope not to stop at the capital of the country and move in another region.

Future unicorns are coming

I made a paragraph about my amateur projects that are non-official at this time but hopefully, will be startups shortly. If you are working in your garage on a robot helping to assess Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement (joke!) – tell about this. Even if your garage is located far from the UK – Tech Nation needs to understand the scope of your ideas and talent.

Completely intimate

I have finished my statement with two sentences about my long-term plans and ask Tech Nation to support my visa application and make my dreams and ideas come true.


But the most important thing of your Personal Statement – you must be clear, honest and transparent. People who will read your Personal Statement will feel you through your words. Hence, be as you are and good luck with your writing.

Proofreading and Support for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement

Repeating again – I remember the pain of Personal Statement. I made four attempts to write a good Personal Statement by myself. Hence, if you need to hear someone’s opinion about your Personal Statement – I can be this person. I can proofread your Personal Statement for free and say my humble opinion about the weakest points of your document.

Anyway, if you have any question about Personal Statement – let me know, I will be glad to share my knowledge with you.

Please, pay your attention that Talent Visa Help is not updated anymore. Starting from January 5, 2021, I don't proofread drafts of Personal Statements, Letters of Recommendation or any supporting documents. Also, I do not answer individual questions either via email or Linkedin. For more details, go to the Global Talent Visa Help Updates.

Please, donate to this page if Talent Visa Help was useful for you.

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Author: Andrii Seleznov

TalentVisaHelp is an independent project to help more talents and promises to come to the United Kingdom. This project is created by Andrii Seleznov, Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa recipient and Tech Nation Visa Ambassador in past. Andrii is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer and technical founder at Petiole. Additionally, Andrii is an Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition and winner of local agritech Hackathons in Ukraine.

11 thoughts on “What to write in Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Personal Statement?”

  1. I really appreciated your help and would like to ask a further few questions; What sort of evidence is best to provide/what stands out? I work as part of a digital agency but built tech stack and also grew clients that were start ups.are both of these relevant in your opinion?

    1. Hi Cameron,
      Thank you for your question.
      Every case is unique. Hence, what is working for one individual will not work for another one.
      When I have applied for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa, I applied the following types of evidence: (1) Screenshots from media about my startup, (2) Certificates about wins in Hackathons, (3) Letter from organisators of international tech competition about my participation and finalist status, (4) Letters from a couple of individuals (potential employee, past co-worker with good reputation).
      Using my example, you can think about the next documents: (a) any type of certificates, diplomas or any other materials to confirm your high level of expertise or completed education; (b) any kind of letters (emails) from well-known or trusted people, companies or organisations with feedbacks that explain your positive influence on their business; (c) any type of screenshots with capture of your work, contribution to GitHub, forums or social media channels with high level of appreciation from other people.
      Any of your customers; past co-workers, employers; mates from University or collaborators from volunteering projects – all of them can support your application with their Letter.
      I hope these thoughts are helpful and ready to answer your other questions if you have them.

      Andrii Seleznov

  2. Hi Andrii,
    This is a great article and helped me a lot. One quick question on recommendations. The companies I have worked with or the people I know of, doesn’t have authority to use company letter heads (mostly HR people do). Do you think recommendations from their official email address will suffice? In case not, will a signed copy of the letter in a plain paper will do? I am really confused and your help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Sayan, thanks for your question.
      Yes, a signed letter on a plain A4 will work. But it is better not to abuse this possibility and provide only one Letter of Recommendation with lack of required formatting.

      Printed email is not so good option since it looks like a working document and does not provide appropriate level of officiality.


  3. Hi Andrii
    Can Senior QA Automation Engineer Apply for Global Talent Visa Category?
    Senior Qa Automation Role Includes :
    -WebApplication End – To End Testing
    -API Testing
    -Mobile Application Testing
    -Cloud Testing

    -Test Planing
    -Test Strategies
    -QA Team Management
    -Software Development Life Cycle
    -Software Testing Life Cycle

    Tools and Technologies Include :

    Language : Java Programmer , Selenium , Defect Tracking Tool – JIRA, Jenkins , GIT , GIT-HUB , PostMAn, Rest-Assured , Serenity-BDD, Cucumber , Test-NG , Junit , Build Tool – Maven ,CI-CD , Serenity-RestAPI etc.

    I request you to please check and advice

    1. Hi Sachin,
      You have a quite good technical background but how about extracurricular activities. Do you speak at conferences? Are you teaching at the University? Do you contribute to the open-source projects?


  4. Hi Andrii,
    My name is Deepti Kamboj. I am from Economics background and have more than 7 years of experience in academic , government and corporate sector. Recently , i have joined data science course to enhance my skills further in econometric modelling and machine learning.
    1. Did Phd in economics from IIM rohtak, India
    2. Have few international publucations (3)
    3. Attended conferences (2), One international and other in India
    4. Received awards such as
    • Ranked 1st in Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics from Panjab University Chandigarh, 2010 Batch.
    • Passed in Economics UGC NET-JRF Exam Dec’11
    • Secured 1st position in Arts department (AISSE) from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Chandigarh
    • Received Certificate of Merit numerous times at the college level
    • Awarded the Best Faculty for the year 2010 & 2012 by IIPM
    4. Worked on some technical projects for start up during phd course.

    Please advice me whether i am eligible for exceptional promise visa or not.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi Deepti,
      Thanks for your message and question.
      I have already understood your situation just one more clarification: do you work as a Data Scientist now?
      If no, where are you employed now?

      Andrii Seleznov

  5. HI Andrii,

    My name is Pavan, having 7+ years of experience in Network & Security field and holding a Masters degree in Mobile & Distributed Computer Networks. Currently working in MNC as a Senior Advisor. I am having multiple certifications (CCNA(R&S), CCNA(DC), ITIL, EMC Storage). Mostly my work is related to DataCenter designing and Architecture level which involves multiple vendor network and security components (Cisco,Fortigate, PaloAlto, F5) to deploy mission critical applications which we call now as cloud. My technical skills includes multiple Layer2 and Layer3 protocols such as RIP,OSPF,BGP, VTP,STP, GLBP, HSRP etc.. Also, strong knowledge on Loadbalancers(F5), PaloAlto, Fortigate firewalls etc.

    Currently I am working on DataCenter automation where I am using Python as a programming language. This project eradicates manual mistakes in DC which causes outage most of the times. Also, it saves lot of time for the network engineers where manual intervention is required from operations point of view.

    My question is:

    1. Can I apply for global talent visa?
    2. Most of my heads are from India and USA only, can i get recommendation letters from them ? as I don’t have any references from UK to get these.

    3. I am also working as a trainer in one of the leading and recognized institute in India where I teach technology to most of the experienced techies as well as recent graduates. Can I use this as key criteria? If yes, what certificates do i need to produce as evidence?

    Also, I am having my own facebook page where I have more than 1K followers. There are discussions related to technology and most of the times i upload my lectures in that page related to the technology. can i show this as evidence as well?

    4. I got two promotions in 5 years of period and also got bonus, few shares for my work. Everything is documented as my payslips and promotion letters. Can i show this as one of the qualifying criteria as a significant technical contribution as an employee?

    5. I have multiple certifications, also currently working on a python project where DataCenters are fully automated with out any manual intervention for configuration on network devices as well as security devices. can i demonstrate this as continuous learning/mastery of new commercial or technical digital skills through my career?

    1. Hi Pavan,
      Thanks for your long-read :). You have so many questions. Anyway, I will try to answer them briefly. If you need more details – just write an email to me and I will do my best to answer more.

      1. I think you have a strong presence in digital technologies. Hence, you can apply for Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies
      2. If your referees work in international companies, then it’s fine. I mean the company may be located in India or in the USA but they have an international scope of business and/or branch offices, etc.
      3. Is this teaching – your full-time job? Or do you consider it as mentorship?
      4. You are allowed to attach payslips and any other information that confirms your value for the company. It can be one of the evidence for the Qualifying criteria “made a significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contribution in a product-led digital technology company, either as a founder, senior executive or employee”
      5. Possibly, yes, but you must remember that certifications have to be issued within the last 5 years. All of the attributes for evidence of Continuous Learning I already explained here.

      Please, let me know if you will have any other questions about Global Talent Visa.

      Andrii Seleznov

  6. Hi Andrii,
    Thankyou very much for your response…

    3. Its a part time and I normally do after my work and weekends. So, would like to know what are the documents do I need to submit as evidence if I show it as mentorship?

    5. All my certifications are less than 5 years old only.


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